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It’s me! I bet you were thinking that you could escape me once the weekend got here. But, no! I’m here, and I’m loaded for bear with the topic I’m going to…

Tower Bridge - London

Good Day!  And welcome to Friday morning. As Chris mentioned yesterday, I’ll be taking you into the weekend and then Chuck will be back at it on Monday morning, so there you have it. This will probably end up being…

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Euro coin flip

Good Day!  And welcome to Thursday.  The much awaited FOMC September meeting came to a close yesterday, and Chairman Yellen tried her best to give the markets what they wanted.  The dollar and US equities climbed to record highs while…

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Federal Reserve

Good Day!  And what day is it?  Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike?  Hump Daaaaaaay…  That commercial is still one of my favorites, but I’m sure Mike is glad it is no longer on TV.  And this is not just ‘another’ Wednesday,…

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currency family

Good Day!  Chuck is headed down to the southeast coast of Georgia this morning so I will get to share my thoughts with all of you readers over the next few days.  Many of the ‘traders’ seem to be taking…

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European union sinking

Good Day! …  And a Marvelous Monday to you! What a great weekend! The weather was Chamber of Commerce like on Saturday and Sunday, the Cardinals swept the Rockies, my beloved Missouri Tigers won and so did the Rams! WOW!…

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