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Market Volatility

Good Day! …  And a Wonderful Wednesday to you! Thanks to everyone that sent along “welcome back” notes yesterday, they are truly appreciated! It’s always nice to come back, and have people actually acknowledge they missed you while you were…

Bad economic headlines from 2011

Good Day! …  And a Tom Terrific Tuesday to you! I’m back in the saddle again… Out where a friend is a friend, and so on.. Yes, I decided to return! I know that a few of you worry each…

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Macroeconomics Currency Exchange

Good Day.  I made it back from Canada late Saturday night and was greeted with some typical St. Louis July weather – hot and sticky.  I had a great work week in Quebec and Vancouver – meeting several existing clients…

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Silver ounce

Editor’s Note: The following piece is an advertorial.
As many readers of the Daily Pfennig® newsletter may have heard, the London silver fixing is going to come to an end on August 14. This will be a major development in…

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What job?

Good Day. And welcome to Friday morning. The weekend is nearly upon us and it couldn’t have gotten here fast enough. We were having issues with the server yesterday so I apologize if the Pfennig arrived late or if you…

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New Zealand flag

Good Day. An welcome to Thursday morning. The trading tone was already set in motion by the time I hit the send button yesterday, so all of the action had already taken place as the US markets were up and…

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