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Currency of the world
Editor’s note: The following piece is an advertorial. It is my turn again to share some thoughts with all of you faithful readers of the Daily Pfennig® newsletter and, as is typical, I sat down to the computer staring at…Read More
Editor’s note: The following piece is an advertorial. Commodities are cyclical investments holding value driven largely by the economic principles of supply and demand. As prices fall, supplies are cut and/or demand increases. The reverse is also true; if commodity…Read More
Ever since the election of Donald Trump, we’ve seen a dramatic shift in the markets. U.S. stocks surged to all-time highs and the U.S. dollar index hit its highest level since March 2003. With the improvement in market sentiment and…Read More
Crowd Shopping
Good morning. Traffic into work this morning tells me that most folks are taking this last week of 2016 off of work. But the markets are back open and as I mentioned last week the final few days can either…Read More
Stock market concept
Good morning. This will be the last Pfennig I will be bringing you this week as Chuck has informed us he has a special treat for everyone tomorrow. The markets continue to see less activity as many of the ‘professional’…Read More

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