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What job?
I grew up steeped in the concepts of the “differential diagnosis” at the dinner table. Both of my parents were physicians – at a time when this was a true rarity – and they applied the concept to solving pretty…Read More
Federal Reserve
It feels like we are about to slide into the great trade debate on the national stage. An often-stated objective of the new administration has been to alter the global trading landscape. A study commission on the trade deficit has…Read More
a man rising coins
Earlier this month, a friend and I approached Chair 11 at the Vail Ski Resort. “Northwoods Express,” as the chair is known, serves a predominantly intermediate section of the mountain all day, and is a high-volume link from the famous…Read More
Aerial View of Crude Oil Tanker and Storage Tanks
We’ve done a lot of thinking over the years, dangerous and severely out of style these days, about intended and unintended consequences. Some may be obvious: Offer the lowest price on gasoline of four stations at the same intersection and…Read More
No matter how we choose to invest, there’s always a little speculation involved. Strict adherents to Modern Portfolio Theory construct portfolios based on estimates—otherwise known as speculations—about future returns, future volatility, and future correlations. Since this is done in a…Read More

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