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currency family

Good morning. Investors were all set up to watch the March job numbers which were released this morning, but got a major surprise when the screens were turned on. US missile strikes in Syria had investors on edge this morning,…

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United States Federal Reserve

Good morning. I’m back in St. Louis this morning, and want to get today’s Pfennig started off with a quick mea culpa – as many of you noticed I forgot to update the currency price section of yesterday’s Pfennig. Getting…

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US Dollar bill

Good morning. Frank kicks things off for us again this morning:
New York City – Over the years I have had many conversations with clients who have started businesses. I guess they would be considered successful businesses since they are…

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South African Currency

Good morning. I’m in New York City with Frank who led me on a 4.5 mile walking tour of Manhattan yesterday. My feet are feeling it a bit this morning as I didn’t exactly have my hiking shoes on, but…

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Euro and US dollar

Good morning. Chuck got the green light from the doctor and headed on down to the Florida sunshine and as usual when Chuck is away the big boss Frank Trotter will get things going for us this morning.
Saint Louis…

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