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The stock market is extremely vulnerable to a correction.
At least, that’s what some of the most successful and famous hedge fund managers think.
Take Stanley Druckenmiller, for example. He’s chairman and chief executive officer of the Duquesne Family Office.…

Crowd Shopping

Good Day… And a Tub Thumpin’ Thursday to you! I’m really not in the mood to be Tub Thumpin’ right now, but who knows about later? Maybe I’ll make a comeback of sorts! Our Blues ended their season last night…

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Oil pumpjacks

Good Day… And a Wonderful Wednesday to you! The Allman Brothers greet me this morning with their song: One Way Out… I’m trying to figure out which way is up this morning, I can’t focus on anything without my eye…

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Federal Reserve

Good Day… And a Tom Terrific Tuesday to you! I almost bagged the office again today this morning, but then I felt better, and it was time to go in… Late, but time! Poco greets me this morning with their…

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United States Federal Reserve

Good Day… And a Marvelous Monday to you… What an absolutely beautiful weather-wise weekend here in St. Louis we just had.. WOW… I call those Chamber of Commerce days, that if they continued, it would become too expensive to live…

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Japanese yen

A funny thing happened on the way to the globally coordinated NIRP (negative interest rate policy) extravaganza, and the Japanese yen appears situated front and center to the mystery. At the end of January 2016, the Bank of Japan (BOJ)…

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