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A couple weeks ago in a previous edition of the Daily Pfennig® newsletter, I wondered aloud what it means to be rich in America:
“Our friend Marc Lichtenfeld, Chief Income Strategist at The Oxford Club, notes that experiences and family…

Chuck Butler

Good day…. And a Happy Friday to one and all! It was chilly outside again this morning… I saw on the news station I have on here that binge drinking for women is on the rise… And it reminded me…

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ten new zealand dollar with coins

Good day…. And a Tub Thumpin’ Thursday to you! I really didn’t think I was going to be able to answer the bell this morning, but here I am… So I’ve got that going for me, eh? Crosby & Nash…

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Australian Flag

Good day…. And a Wonderful Wednesday to you! Where have all the bats gone, long time passing…  The “bats” I’m talking about are baseball bats, not the scary winged kind. And I’m talking about the fact that my beloved Cardinals…

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World Financial Crisis

Good day…. And a Tom Terrific Tuesday to you! A not so Tom Terrific Tuesday for our Blues who were shut out last night and now trail 2-1 in their series with Minnesota… That’s a scary thing folks… I’ve told…

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Frank Trotter

Good day…. And a Marvelous Monday to you! Well, I’m back in the office today… The Cellulitis in my leg is still a problem, but  I think I’m ahead of it right now, so, no use in hanging around the…

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