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Meet the Daily Pfennig® Writers

Did you wake up this morning wondering if a kiwi pounced on a greenback? Or speculate if a swing in oil prices might sway the value of gold? The folks listed below did. Daily Pfennig® writers have lived, loved and breathed world currencies and economic happenings for over a couple decades. They bring a unique and experienced perspective of what makes this global economy tick and how it could impact your money.

Chuck Butler

Chuck Butler
Managing Director
EverBank Global Markets

The father of the Daily Pfennig® newsletter, Chuck has a career in investment services and currencies spanning 35+ years. His tacit knowledge of the global markets along with his inventive spirit has led to the creation of many distinct and innovative currency-based products. A respected analyst of the currency market, Chuck has made frequent appearances on MarketWatch, USAToday, CNNfn, Bloomberg Television, and CNBC as well as quoted in The Wall Street Journal, US News & World Report, and The Chicago Tribune.

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Frank Trotter

Frank Trotter
EVP & Chairman
EverBank Global Markets Group

Frank brings readers of the Daily Pfennig® newsletter a highly experienced and visionary perspective of the financial world. With a career spanning over 30 years, Frank has dedicated his life’s work to delivering better financial opportunities to clients. As an early advocate of global market investing, Frank helped to pioneer the concept in the marketplace, eventually creating the innovative WorldCurrency® family of deposit accounts that many clients use today to gain easier access to the foreign currency markets. In 2000, an entrepreneurial spirit drove him to help found EverBank.com, which was a revolutionary national direct-to-consumer bank. He is a widely quoted speaker on financial topics including the currency and global markets. Frank’s insights are frequently requested by various media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, U.S. News and World Report, CBS MarketWatch, USA Today, CNNfn and The Chicago Tribune.

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Chris Gaffney

Chris Gaffney, CFA
EverBank World Markets, a division of EverBank

A long-time contributor to the Daily Pfennig® newsletter, Chris brings an experienced perspective to the global economy gained through over 20 years of daily exposure to the markets. Since 1994, Chris has held a Chartered Financial Analyst designation. And from the EverBank World Markets Desk, he’s helped many clients achieve broader global diversification for their portfolios. Along with his Daily Pfennig® commentaries, Chris’ financial insights have also appeared in several publications and columns, including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Bloomberg.

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Mike Meyer

Mike Meyer
Vice President
EverBank World Markets, a division of EverBank

A contributor to the Daily Pfennig® newsletter since 2008, Mike has been heavily involved in all facets of the World Markets Desk. Holding Series 7, 63 and 65 securities licenses, he has assisted many clients in the global markets and investment arena. He is a keen observer of the current economic environment and has been quoted in Bankrate.com and TheStreet.com.

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Timothy Smith

Tim Smith
Vice President, Trader
EverBank World Markets, a division of EverBank

As the precious metals trader and a currency specialist for EverBank World Markets, Tim brings valuable insights to Daily Pfennig® readers. Holding Series 7 and 63 securities licenses, he has a Master of International Finance from Cologne University of Applied Science, Koln, Germany.

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